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Case Thermaltake Element Qi Mini Cube

Case Thermaltake Element Qi Mini Cube USB3.0 220W Nero

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Case Thermaltake Element Qi Mini Cube
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Fattore di Forma
Alimentatore Incluso
M/B Type
Bay 3.5"
Bay 5.25"
USB 3.0


Thermaltake Element Qi
Thermaltake Element Qi mini-ITX case is ideal for very small systems built on Intel’s Atom and NVIDIA’s ION platforms. With its extremely small dimensions of 130 (H) x 220 (W) x 330 (D) mm and a light-weight of merely 3.1 KG the Element Qi can fit on the smallest desktop or even on the shelf between your books.
Quintessence of personal computing
The Element Qi represents the Quintessence of personal and entertainment computing as it lets you shrink all the formerly huge components such as audio cards, video adapters, network cards and the like into one tiny system with sleek and elegant looks in a dominating black color with distinctive red lining.
Quick Installation
Quick and convenient installation is provided for by an optimized case design that allows you to use standards peripherals such as a 5.25” and even two 3.5” (one internal, one external) devices.
Impeccable Quietness

Quietness is provided for by an overall chassis fan-less design with ventilation grids on the right and left side as well as on the back. The specially designed preinstalled 220W SFX power supply also works without chassis fan, further reducing noise and energy consumption

Handy Front Panel
Built in 2 USB3.0 ports and the front side HD audio connectors add to the overall convenience, while the Power and Reset buttons are very easily accessible on the front panel.


Compact size, great expansion
One PCI extension slot at the back for graphic cards, add-on, and support for special devices to make greater expandability.
Model VL520B1N2E
Case Type Mini Case
Dimension (H x W x D) 130 x 220 x 330 mm / 5.12 x 8.66 x 13 inch
Material SGCC
Color Black
Motherboards Mini ITX form factor
Drive Bays - Accessible : 5.25” x 1 , 3.5” x 1
- Hidden : 3.5” x 1
Front I/O USB 3.0 x 2, HD-Audio
PSU Built-in 220W SFX PSU with Active PFC
Weight 3.1 kg / 6.8 lb
Expansion Slots 1 Full-height expansion slot


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