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Scheda Madre Gigabyte GA-Z170X

Scheda Madre Gigabyte GA-Z170X-GAMING G1 socket Intel 1151 Chipset Z170 DDR4 SATA Express M.2 Socket USB3.1 Killer DoubleShot-X3 Wi-Fi E-ATX

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NOME COMMERCIALE: Scheda Madre Gigabyte GA-Z170X
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Scheda Madre Gigabyte GA-Z170X
Scheda Madre Gigabyte GA-Z170X
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Intel 1151
Intel Z170
Supporto RAM
Ultra M.2
M.2 Socket
SATA Express 10 Gb/s
SATA Express 10 Gb/s
USB 2.0
USB 3.0
USB 3.1
Type-A + Type-C
Wi-Fi Ready
Output Video


  1. Support for Intel® Core™ i7 processors/Intel® Core™ i5 processors/ Intel® Core™ i3 processors/Intel® Pentium® processors/ Intel® Celeron® processors in the LGA1151 package
  2. La Cache L3 varia da CPU a CPU
  3. Please refer "CPU Support List" for more information
  • Intel® Z170 Express Chipset
  1. 4 x DDR4 DIMM sockets supporting up to 64 GB of system memory
  2. * Due to a Windows 32-bit operating system limitation, when more than 4 GB of physical memory is installed, the actual memory size displayed will be less than the size of the physical memory installed.
  3. Architettura di memoria a doppio canale
  4. Support for ECC UDIMM 1Rx8/2Rx8 memory modules (operate in non-ECC mode)
  5. Support for non-ECC UDIMM 1Rx8/2Rx8/1Rx16 memory modules
  6. Supporta le memorie dotate di Profilo XMP
  7. Support for DDR4 3866(O.C)/3733(O.C)/3666(O.C) /3600(O.C.) /3466(O.C.) /3400(O.C.) /3333(O.C.) /3300(O.C.) /3200(O.C.) /3000(O.C.) /2800(O.C.) /2666(O.C.) /2400(O.C.) /2133 MHz memory modules
*Please refer "Memory Support List" for more information
Grafica integrata Integrated Graphics Processor+MegaChips MCDP2800 chip:
  1. 1 x HDMI 2.0 port
  2. Requires the latest Intel® Graphic Driver from GIGABYTE website.
Maximum shared memory of 512 MB
  1. Support for Sound Blaster ZxRi
  2. Audio ad alta definizione
  3. Supporta uscite S/PDIF
  4. 2/5.1-channel
  5. Creative® Sound Core 3D chip
  6. 2 x JRC NJM2114 and 1 x TI Burr Brown® OPA2134 operational amplifiers
  1. 2 x Killer E2400 chips (10/100/1000 Mbit)
*Teaming is not supported.
Wireless Communication module
  1. Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, supporting 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band
  2. Support for 11ac wireless standard and up to 867 Mbps data rate.
  3. Killer™ Wireless-AC 1535
  4. Bluetooth 4.1
  5. * Actual data rate may vary depending on environment and equipment.
Slot di Espansione
  1. 3 x PCI Express 2.0 x1 slots
  2. 2 x PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots, running at x16 (PCIEX16_1, PCIEX16_2)
  3. *For optimum performance, if only one PCI Express graphics card is to be installed, be sure to install it in the PCIEX16_1 slot; if you are installing two PCI Express graphics cards, it is recommended that you install them in the PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_2 slots.
  4. 2 x PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots, running at x8 (PCIEX8_1, PCIEX8_2)
  5. *The PCIEX8_1 slot shares bandwidth with the PCIEX16_1 slot and the PCIEX8_2 slot with PCIEX16_2. The PCIEX16_1/PCIEX16_2 slot will operate at up to x8 mode when the PCIEX8_1/PCIEX8_2 is populated.
Tecnologia Multi GPU
  1. Support for NVIDIA® Quad-GPU SLI™ and 4-Way/3-Way/2-Way NVIDIA® SLI™ technologies
  2. Support for AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX™ and 4-Way/3-Way/2-Way AMD CrossFire™ technologies
Interfaccia di storage Chipset:
  1. *Refer to "1-13 Internal Connectors," for the supported configurations with the M.2, SATA Express, and SATA connectors.
  2. 2 x M.2 Socket 3 connectors (Socket 3, M key, type 2242/2260/2280 SATA & PCIe x4/x2/x1 SSD support)
  3. 3 x SATA Express connectors
  4. 6 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors (SATA3 0~5)
  5. Support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10
2 x ASMedia® ASM1061 chips:
  • 4 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors (SATA3 6~7, GSATA3 8~9), supporting AHCI mode only
USB Chipset:
  1. 6 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports (2 ports on the back panel, 4 ports available through the internal USB headers)
  2. 4 x USB 3.0/2.0 ports on the back panel
Chipset + Intel® USB 3.1 Controller:
  1. 1 x USB Type-C™ port on the back panel, with USB 3.1 support
  2. 1 x USB 3.1 Type-A port (red) on the back panel
Chipset + 2 Renesas® USB 3.0 Hubs:
  • 7 x USB 3.0/2.0 ports (3 ports on the back panel, 4 ports available through the internal USB headers)
Connettori Interni I/O
  1. 1 x Connettore di alimentazione PCIe
  2. 1 Connettore di Alimentazione ATX ad 8-pin
  3. 1 Connettore per Ventola della CPU
  4. 1 Connettore per Pannello Frontale
  5. 1 x Pulsante di accensione
  6. 1 x Pulsante di Reset
  7. 1 Connettore di Alimentazione ATX a 24-pin
  8. 2 x USB 3.0/2.0 headers
  9. 1 Connettore per uscite Audio Frontali
  10. 2 x Connettori USB 2.0/1.1
  11. 1 x Clear CMOS jumper
  12. Punti di lettura delle Tensioni
  13. 1 x Clear CMOS button
  14. 1 x Trusted Platform Module (TPM) header
  15. 1 x water cooling fan header (CPU_OPT)
  16. 2 x BIOS switches
  17. 10 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors
  18. 5 x system fan headers
  19. 2 x audio gain control switches
  20. 1 x I/O shield audio LED power connector
  21. 2 x M.2 Socket 3 connectors
  22. 3 x SATA Express connectors
  23. 1 x ECO button
  24. 1 x OC button
Pannello Posteriore I/O
  1. 2 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  2. 1 x USB Type-C™ Port, with USB 3.1 support
  3. 1 x optical S/PDIF Out connector
  4. 7 x USB 3.0/2.0 ports
  5. 2 x MMCX antenna connectors (2T2R)
  6. 1 Porta HDMI
  7. 1 Connessione per Mouse e Tastiera PS/2
  8. 1 x USB 3.1 Type-A port (red)
  9. 5 x audio jacks (Center/Subwoofer Speaker Out, Rear Speaker Out, Line In/Mic In, Line Out, Headphone)
  10. 2 x RJ-45 ports
I/O Controller
  • iTE® I/O Controller Chip
Monitoraggio H/W
  1. Rilevamento dei voltaggi del sistema
  2. CPU/System/Chipset temperature detection
  3. CPU/CPU OPT/System fan speed detection
  4. CPU/CPU OPT/System fan fail warning
  5. CPU/CPU OPT/System fan speed control
  6. * Whether the fan speed control function is supported will depend on the cooler you install.
  1. Support for DualBIOS™
  2. Use of licensed AMI UEFI BIOS
  3. 2 x 128 Mbit flash
  4. PnP 1.0a, DMI 2.7, WfM 2.0, SM BIOS 2.7, ACPI 5.0
  5. Support for Q-Flash Plus
Altre Caratteristiche
  1. Support for Smart Switch
  2. Support for Xpress Install
  3. Supporta il Q-Flash
  4. Support for APP Center
  5. * Available applications in APP Center may vary by motherboard model. Supported functions of each application may also vary depending on motherboard specifications.
  6. Auto Green
  7. Support for Cloud Station
  8. @ BIOS ™
  9. EasyTune
  10. USB Blocker
  11. Smart TimeLock
  12. Fast Boot
  13. System Information Viewer
  14. Ambient LED
  15. 3D OSD
  16. Smart Keyboard
  17. Smart Backup
  18. Easy RAID
Software in Bundle
  1. Intel® Smart Response Technology
  2. Norton® Internet Security (OEM version)
Sistema Operativo
  1. Support for Windows 10/8.1 64-bit
  2. Support for Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit
  3. * Please download the "Windows USB Installation Tool" from GIGABYTE's website and install it before installing Windows 7.
Caratteristiche Fisiche
  • E-ATX Form Factor; 30.5cm x 26.4cm
Box Contents
  1. Motherboard driver disk
  2. I/O Shield
  3. User's Manual
  4. Quick Installation Guide
  5. One 2-Way SLI bridge connector
  6. One 3-Way SLI bridge connector
  7. One 4-Way SLI bridge connector
  8. One 2-Way CrossFire bridge connector
  9. One G Connector
  10. One pack of back I/O dust covers
  11. Wireless module driver disk
  12. GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 motherboard
  13. Six SATA cables
  14. One set of GC-USB3.1 BAY
  15. One GC-M2-U2-MiniSAS
  16. One Wi-Fi antenna
  17. One Wi-Fi antenna retention cover
  1. Most hardware/software vendors may no longer offer drivers to support Win9X/ME/2000/XP. If drivers are available from the vendors, we will update them on the GIGABYTE website.
  2. A causa delle diverse condizioni di supporto per Linux fornito da fornitori di chipset, scaricare il driver Linux dal sito web fornitori di chipset.


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